30 jun. 2013

Spiritual Front - Armageddon Gigolo (2006)


1. Slave (4:11) 
2. Bastard Angel (5:03) 
3. I Walk The (Dead) Line (3:27) 
4. The Shining Circle (3:51) 
5. My Kingdom For A Horse (3:36) 
6. Jesus Died In Las Vegas (5:21) 
7. Cruisin' (4:24) 
8. Love Through Vaseline (4:49) 
9. Ragged Bed (5:17) 
10. No Kisses On The Mouth (3:38) 
11. Redemption Or Myself (2:53)

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Rozz Williams & Nico B - PIG (Short Movie) + Original Soundtrack

So, This is a denominated "Cult Film", I like it a lot, but when it comes a review I suck in that, so, basically there is this murderer who murder someone in a ritualistic way (yeah i know i suck giving fill reviews), if you are here you may already know Rozz Williams and his job so, just enjoy this masterpiece.

You can;

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And Also You Can find It's Soundtrack Here:
(this is basically noises and stuff)

You can:

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(it comes with a pack of other Rozz Williams works)

29 jun. 2013

Voltaire - To the Bottom of the Sea (2008)


1. The Industrial Revolution (and how it ruined my life)
2. Robber Baron
3. Stakes and Torches (the uprising of the peasants)
4. Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)
5. Coin Operated Goi
6. Accordion Player
7. This Sea
8. The Beast of Pirate's Bay
9. Tempest
10. This Ship's Going Down
11. To the Bottom Of The Sea
12. Death Death (devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil song)

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28 jun. 2013

Dernière Volonté - Ne Te Retourne Pas (2012)


01- Ne Te Retourne Pas
02- Achtung
03- L'Appel
04- J'Aimerais Tant Crier
05- Regard Camouflage
06- Mon Insolence [Corps Languissants, Chapter 1]
07- Toujours
08- L'Eau Froide
09- L'Éternité
10- La Nuit Revient [WP.38]
11- Tout A Disparu
12- Un Pas En Arrière
13- Sage

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27 jun. 2013

The Cramps - Bad Music for Bad People

Tracklist :

1. Garbageman 
2. New Kind Of Kick 
3. Love Me 
4. I Can't Hardly Stand It 
5. She Said 
6. Goo Goo Muck 
7. Save It 
8. Human Fly 
9. Drug Train 
10. TV Set 
11. Uranium Rock


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26 jun. 2013

Voltaire - Ooky Spooky (2007)


1. Land Of The Dead
2. Zombie Prostitute
3. Cannibal Buffet
4. Day of the Dead
5. Bue-eyed Matador
6. Bomb New Jersey
7. Cantina
8. Stuck With You
9. Dead
10. Reggae Mortis
11. Hell in a Hand Basket

(as a preview)


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25 jun. 2013

NIck Cave and the Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away (2013)


1. We No Who U R
2. Wide Lovely Eyes
3. Water's Edge
4. Jubilee Street
5. Mermaids
6. We Real Cool
7. Finishing Jubilee Street
8. Higgs Boson Blues
9. Push The Sky Away

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24 jun. 2013

Luigi Rubino (Ashram) - A Theme For The Moon (2009)

Track List:

 01. Last dance
 02. Nostalgie
 03. Fragments
 04. Les larmes dautomne
 05. Voice in the eyes
 06. Every desire
 07. Melancholic lisbon
 08. Before love
09. Glace of dust
10. Behind the clouds
11. Dinverno
 12. He is her 


23 jun. 2013

The Dresden Dolls (Band of Amanda Palmer) - Yes, Virginia (2006)

1. Sex Changer
2. BackStabber
3. Modern Moonlight
4. My Alcoholic Friends
5. Delilah
6. Dirty Business
7. First Orgasm
8. Mrs. O.
9. Shores of California
10 Necessary Evil
11. Mandy goes to Med School
12. Me & The Minibar
13. Sing

21 jun. 2013

Kommunity FK New Tour Dates + Preview of Upcoming LP "Dalliances & Dark Departures"

        Kommunity FK is a post-punk/gothic rock band that helped establish what came to be known as the deathrock scene in Los Angeles. The band was formed in 1978 by American rock singer Patrick Mata, who was influenced by musicians Throbbing Gristle, David Bowie and Joy Division as well as other artistic inspirations like Dadaism, anti-art, noise, musique concrète, and the Brion Gysin/William Burroughs cut-up technique.
          Though initially named "Kommunity Fuck", after a piece of paste-up art created by Mata, the moniker was soon shortened. Mata has stated that the name was inspired by the cold shoulder given him by unimaginative local media venue talent buyers as well as industry powers.
         This band have been in the Gothic/Deathrock scene for 35 years, and now this year they are announcing new Tour Dates and an upcoming LP named "Dalliances & Dark Departures" .
Kommunity FK has performed with: 


Killing Joke

Alien Sex Fiend


The Jesus and Mary Chain

Sex Gang Children

Christian Death & Shadow Project
Peter Murphy
Nina Hagen
Toys Dolls
Lords Of The New Church
Modern English
Gun Club
Nick Cave
Gene Loves Jezebel
Flesh For Lulu
45 Grave
Lydia Lunch
The Virgin Prunes
Xmal Deutschland
Clan Of Xymox
and more legendary bands. 

(Formation of the band)

35th Anniversary 1978-2013 Tour:

The Band is going to be playing in the next places featuring Thee Texylvania as an Opening Band: 

-Wednesday July 17th Austin, Texas The Elysium,

- Thursday July 18th Dallas, Texas, The Curtain Club,

- Friday July 19th San Antonio, Texas The Korova Bar

- Saturday July 20th Houston, Texas Underworld.

Upcoming Flyer!

Websites of the Bands:

Upcoming New Kommunity FK LP

The Band is Actually working on a new LP, I've been Granted with a preview song so you can listen to it!
Remember, it is always good to buy original music, because that's the best way of supporting a band, Listen! and if you like it, Buy it :D!

The track is called "FKING DEATH DEALERZ"


Stay Alert for the new LP! It is coming out soon.
and please buy it :)

20 jun. 2013

Recipe Morado - Fluctuando (2012)

A very good band from my Country (Venezuela) I hope you like it and support this band :)


1. Fruta Distorsionada 
2. Cordura
3. Sortilegio
4. Final
5. Pasado (pisado)
6. Las Dudas

Their Soundcloud

Here is a Video:

The Cemetary Girlz - Opus Vitae (2013)

Click on any song to listen to the preview!


3.  02:58

4. 03:12

7.  04:06

8.  03:30

9.  04:44

10.  06:11

11.  05:23

12.  04:28

13.  05:40

and support these artists!

19 jun. 2013

Mephisto Walz - The Eternal Deep (1994)

1.Alle In Asche
3.Dear Familiar Phantoms
4.Der Sack
5.Drowning, Like The Garden
7.Painted Black
8.Facade (Closet Of Faces
9.I Wanna Be Your Dog
10.Silent Thunder
11.The Eternal Deep
12.Porcelain God
13.Aborigine Requiem

18 jun. 2013

Los Carniceros del Norte - Sick Forever (2012)

1. Invasores Invisibles
2. Sardu En El Teatro De Lo Macabro
3. La Criatura
4. Gilman
5. Zombies Paletos
6. Nekromantikos


(help us to grow)

Spiritual Font - Open Wounds (2013)


01. Soulgambler
02. Hey Boy
03. Song For The Old Man
04. The Devourment Of The Will
05. Delation/i Live Through You
06. Autopsy Of A Love
07. We Could Fail Again
08. Nectar On Your Lips
09. A Long Summer For The Dog Of Satan
10. Eucharist Of Sodomy

01. Autopsy Of A Denied Love
02. The Indulgent Waltz
03. Soulgambler Theme
04. The Bent Invocation
05. Nectar Like Lips
06. Letter From Guyana
07. Hey Frail Boy
08. The Forth Summer
09. We Could Lie Again
10. Purple Cross House

11. Promise Like Bullet

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