5 jun. 2015

Lebanon Hanover - Besides The Abyss (2015)

Genre: Coldwave


1. Hollow Sky
2. The Crater
3. Fall Industrial Wall
4. The Chamber
5. The Well
6. The Moor
7. Broken Characters
8. Chimerical
9. Dark Hill
10. Spirals


4 jun. 2015

Anazasi - Self Titled (2012)

 Deathrock/Gothic Punk


1. Bone Collector
2. Samsara
3. Loving You

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3 jun. 2015

She Past Away - Narin Yalnızlık (2015)

Year: 2015

Genre: Postpunk-Batcave


1. Soluk
2. Asimilasyon
3. Uzakta
4. Narin Yalnızlık
5. Hayaller
6. Katarsis
7. Uçtu Belirsizliğe
8. Gerçekten Özleyince
9. Yanımda
10. Kuruyordu Nehir
11. İçe Kapanış II

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15 jul. 2013

Nosferatu - Rise (1993)


1. Gathering

2. Rise

3. Dark Angel

4. Her Heaven

5. Lucy Is Red

6. Lament

7. Alone

8. Vampyres Cry

9. Crysania

10. Siren

11. Away

12. Close

XIII. Století - Werewolf (1996)

This is a masterpiece


1. Royale Carpathia
2. Transylvanian Werewolf
3. Bratrstvo Vlkodlaka
4. Vampire Woodoo
5. Julie Umírá Kazdou Noc
6. Psycho
7. Třinácté Znamení
8. Stigmata Vampire


12 jul. 2013

Stagione Oscura Store + My Own Domain!

I'm start Selling Pins, T-shirts,Bags, smugs, collars Everything with goth rock and deathrock original desings about the blog and other random stuff!

Please support me with this project, I don't get to much money for the products (10-15% of the actual price)
but i think this is great for starting :D

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Besides that great new 

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11 jul. 2013

She Past Away - Belirdi Gece (2013)

Country : Turkey


01. Sanrı
02. Rituel
03. Monoton
04. Kasvetli Kutlama
05. İnsanlar
06. Belirdi Gece (Musallat)
07. Ruh
08. Kemir Beni
09. Bozbulanık
10. İçe Kapanış

10 jul. 2013

The Tell-Tale Heart / Corazón Delator by Edgar Allan Poe (1953 film) (English/Español)

The Tell-Tale Heart is a 1953 American animated short film directed by Ted Parmelee and narrated by James Mason. The screenplay by Bill Scott and Fred Grable is based on the 1843 short story of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe.
The plot focuses on a murderer whose increasing guilt leads him to believe he can hear his victim's heart still beating beneath the floorboards where he buried him. Seen through the eyes of the nameless narrator, the surrealistic images in the film help convey his descent into madness.


7 jul. 2013

Sex Gang Children - Viva Vigilante (2013)


1. Hollywood Slim
2. Religion Free Zone
3. Conversation
4. Salamun Child
5. The Messenger
6. Bleed England
7. Sunset of Crow
8. All American Heart
9 Genocide Trend
10. Death Squad Diva
11. Die Traube
12. Urania
13. Pigs to Men
14. Criminal Tango (Click on the title get this one)
15. Sunset Of Crow (Remix)(Click on the title to get this one)
16. Bleed England (demo)

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6 jul. 2013

Tiger Lillies - Either or (2013)

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01 – Blood Alley
02 – Boredom
03 – Nothing is sin
04 – Innocence
05 – Sailor
06 – Either Or
07 – Gutter
08 – No Sense
09 – He’s so bad
10 – God up in heaven
11 – Depression
12 – Love for sale
13 – Tears in the rain
14 – Forget about us
15 – Teardrops
16 – Destroy

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4 jul. 2013

Nosferatu - Legend

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1. The wiccaman.
2. Abominations [Assylum Mix].
3. Dark angel [Daemon Mix].
4. Arabian heat.
5. The crystal ring.
6. Diva [Scarlet Mix].
7. Siren [Hellfire Mix].
8. Pictures of betrayal. 
9. Vampires cry [Rosary Mix].
10. Inside the devil [Remix].

3 jul. 2013

Dystopian Society - Cages (2012)


1. Echoes Of Disasters
2. Last Crusade
3. No Hope
4. Antisocial
5. The 
Legacy of Wars
6. Death Signals
7. Dystopian Society
8. Heretic
9. The City With No Name
10. Masquerade

11. The Spiral
12. Time Has Come

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2 jul. 2013

Dernière Volonté - Mon Meilleur Ennemi (2012)

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1. Exhibition
2. Invisible
3. J’oublies que tu existes
4. Loin du brouillard
5. La fete est finie
6. Le chant de la pluie
7. Le quai de la gare
8. Un claquement de doigt
9. Mon meilleur ennemi
10. La sentence est la meme
11. Je tuerai qui tu voudras
12. Que toi

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1 jul. 2013


We managed to create this online radio, you may have seen it in the top of the page in a link that reads "Stagione Oscura Online Radio" You can take a look to it! we are gonna be announcing our schedules on The Facebook Fan Page So you can Freely take a look.

Thanks a lot for reading and please leave your opinions below :D! Thanks!