11 dic. 2011

#ZFR087 Lobiep EP - Covered Faces

1. Killing Time
2. Abandoned Dogma (feat. Jessica White / Violet Tremors)
3. Stroppy
4. Carving Knife (feat. Sophie Nadaud / Madame B)
5. Don´t Stop Bitch!
* Produced, mixed & mastered by Peibol at Scrapyard Studios.
* Lyrics: Track 2 Jessica White, Track 4 Sophie Nadaud.
* Atwork Desing moZART by Txileno.

2 oct. 2011

Sorry for not being here for a while.

CANTV (my internet provider) had BLOCKED blogger.com maybe for political reasons (maybe because opponents of the Chavez regime in Venezuela have blogs in this web, and CANTV is owned by the government) . thx for your

More Info (in Spanish) here:


10 jun. 2011

27 may. 2011

Los Carniceros del Norte - Santa Sangre

Track List:
01. La Noche de Walpurgis
02. Gritos en la Noche
03. Las Tres Caras del Miedo
04. No Profaneis el Sueño de los Muertos
05. Rojo Profundo
06. Domingo Negro
07. La Maldicion De La Llorona
08. Veneno Para las Hadas
09. El Ataud del Vampiro
10. Miss Muerte
11. Alucarda
12. Amantes de Ultratumba
13. Kill Baby Kill

Complicity - Playing God

01 Playing God
02 All And Nothing
03 Last Parade
04 Fatherland
05 23 Years
06 Happy Boy

15 may. 2011

The Rocky Horror Picture Show OST

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   1- Science Fiction, Double Feature 2- Dammit Janet 3- Over at the Frankenstein Place 4- Time Warp 5- Sweet Transvestite 6- I Can Make You a Man 7- Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul 8- I Can Make You a Man (Reprise) 9- Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me 10- Eddie 11- Rose Tint My World, Floor Show 12- I'm Going Home 13- Super Heroes 14- Science Fiction, Double Feature

I Fucking love this movie :)
here is the soundtrack.

Daucus Karota - Shrine (1994)

Un proyecto de Rozz Williams, algo con un sonido distinto tirando al hard rock y sonando un poco como los inicios de Danzig, ya sin el peso metafísico de Christian Death o Shadow Project, algo diferente, pero igualmente buen material.

1. The Stranger
2. Angel
3. Raw Power
4. Love Lies
5. Father of Temptation

(Fixed link)

10 may. 2011

New Days Delay - Splitterelastisc

Genero: Deathrock/Gothic Surf
Album: Splitterelastisch
Pais: Alemania
Año: 2007


04.-Vermutlich Hysterisch
05.-By The Way, Lady
06.-Tiny Monsters & Furry Little Creatures
07.-Radioactive 08 Neonflut
09.-The Illustrator
13.-Far Away From Everything


3 may. 2011

Brotherhood of Pagans - Tales of Vampires

Género: Gothic Rock
Bitrate: 128 kbps.
Size: 44.40 mb.


01. The Gathering
02. Don't Fall
03. Warshow
04. Resurrection
05. Black Art
06. Sinner Comes To Bits
07. Halloween
08. Rooms
09. Guilty
10. God Damn My Soul

2 may. 2011

Novocaine Mausoleum - Demo (2006)


Track List:
01.Ludicrous Clown
02.Ballet For The Masses
03.Korolenko 20A
04.Absurd Promenade
05.Elusive Imagination
06.Night (V. Mayakovsky 1912)

Srsly guises

fuck that promises of not posting things on this blog. i will post whenever i want, or remember that this exist. i have a social life. bye. Soon there will be new posts, Maybe.