21 jun. 2013

Kommunity FK New Tour Dates + Preview of Upcoming LP "Dalliances & Dark Departures"

        Kommunity FK is a post-punk/gothic rock band that helped establish what came to be known as the deathrock scene in Los Angeles. The band was formed in 1978 by American rock singer Patrick Mata, who was influenced by musicians Throbbing Gristle, David Bowie and Joy Division as well as other artistic inspirations like Dadaism, anti-art, noise, musique concrète, and the Brion Gysin/William Burroughs cut-up technique.
          Though initially named "Kommunity Fuck", after a piece of paste-up art created by Mata, the moniker was soon shortened. Mata has stated that the name was inspired by the cold shoulder given him by unimaginative local media venue talent buyers as well as industry powers.
         This band have been in the Gothic/Deathrock scene for 35 years, and now this year they are announcing new Tour Dates and an upcoming LP named "Dalliances & Dark Departures" .
Kommunity FK has performed with: 


Killing Joke

Alien Sex Fiend


The Jesus and Mary Chain

Sex Gang Children

Christian Death & Shadow Project
Peter Murphy
Nina Hagen
Toys Dolls
Lords Of The New Church
Modern English
Gun Club
Nick Cave
Gene Loves Jezebel
Flesh For Lulu
45 Grave
Lydia Lunch
The Virgin Prunes
Xmal Deutschland
Clan Of Xymox
and more legendary bands. 

(Formation of the band)

35th Anniversary 1978-2013 Tour:

The Band is going to be playing in the next places featuring Thee Texylvania as an Opening Band: 

-Wednesday July 17th Austin, Texas The Elysium,

- Thursday July 18th Dallas, Texas, The Curtain Club,

- Friday July 19th San Antonio, Texas The Korova Bar

- Saturday July 20th Houston, Texas Underworld.

Upcoming Flyer!

Websites of the Bands:

Upcoming New Kommunity FK LP

The Band is Actually working on a new LP, I've been Granted with a preview song so you can listen to it!
Remember, it is always good to buy original music, because that's the best way of supporting a band, Listen! and if you like it, Buy it :D!

The track is called "FKING DEATH DEALERZ"


Stay Alert for the new LP! It is coming out soon.
and please buy it :)

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