17 jun. 2013

Back ! (yet again)

I Have not been here for a while because of time issues!

my blog is gonna have another few changes:

-i'm looking for a new template so if you see the blog broken, just wait, it means im working on it :)
- New post are gonna have an Amazon link so you can buy the disc published here! (free trial download IS NOOOOT going to be removed, so if you dont actually have the money to pay the disc, it is ok, if you Can actually buy the disc, do the artist a big favour and but it :D! the artist and me are gonna be happy for it)
- i'm gonna spend quite a lot time here doing post and stuff so, if you can Donate something for the blog, i would be really gratefull, just send me an email saying that you donated X dollars and I will send you a Thanks letter :).

Thanks for your patience and supporting this blog! love ya guys!

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